WheelQ – Software and Company

WheelQ is a software company based in Helsinki, offering a cloud-based solution for analyzing and impacting customers’ purchase decisions. The software delivers analyzed data that helps organizations perform the strategic and operative actions that have most effect on the purchase decisions of their current and potential customers.

Purchase decisions are guided by emotions

When buying something, we imagine that we are mainly guided by rational reasons. However, our decisions are strongly affected by several subconscious motives, needs and valuations. In fact, emotional reasons guide our purchase decisions – we merely justify them with rational reasons.

Presentation and usage of emotion-based data

We analyze the emotional factors behind purchase decisions through statistic methods, machine learning and neural networks. The analysis gives clear practical guidelines and indicators for developing your operations.

We deliver the entire service chain from planning and executing data acquisition to analysis, modeling and sharing. WheelQ gives you clear indicators to monitor your performance on individual and organizational levels.


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