Sales Excellence

WheelQ improves sales by generating valuable information to support each phase of the sales process. Your meetings are better prepared, your offers are more relevant, and you will close more deals.

Contact and Meeting

How was our first impression? Did we manage to listen and ask the right questions?

Personal meeting is still the foundation of sales. A good sales meeting is a learning opportunity for the salesperson, too. By measuring this critical contact, you will ensure that information is stored for the entire organization.

Offer and Deal

Why do customers choose our company?
In which cases do they choose our competitor?

If you think customers base their choices solely on price, think again. All purchase decisions are influenced by needs, motives, risks and uncertainties. With better understanding of your customers’ decision criteria, you will stay one step ahead of competition.

Customer Success

WheelQ allows a smoother kickoff of customer relationships and better matching of customer needs. With continuous, smart data acquisition, you are able to react quicker to deviations and manage them better, yielding improved results and reduced churn.


How to build trust and ensure a smooth start for cooperation?

Although first impressions may deceive, early customer contact can have a far-reaching impact on a customer relationship. To create a positive start for cooperation, identify customer expectations and ensure that you are able to deliver on your promises.

Products and Services

How to ensure steady operation in every customer touchpoint and stay ahead of the customer’s changing expectations?

In addition to product quality, you also need to recognize human factors. This gives you a more realistic understanding of the customer’s experience with your product or service.

Deviation Handling

How to minimize customer disappointments and make sure that your organization is able to react to problems.

You need to recognize all potential faults in your customer process. Problems can’t be entirely avoided, so it is crucial how you handle your errors. With prompt reacting, disappointments can be transformed into stronger customer relationships.


What reasons are there for leaving? Could something have been done differently?

Like individuals, organizations can also learn from their mistakes. By systematically exploring the most important reasons behind churn, you can effectively intervene with them, continuously improving your organization’s performance.