WheelQ Housing

WheelQ tracks and measures the tenancy journey continuously in real time, bringing the right information to the right people at each step. This enables fast action and continuous improvement.

Maintenance Visits

Are your tenants satisfied with the quality of maintenance visits?

During tenancy, maintenance visits are an important customer touchpoint, yet gaining insight into the daily functioning of a Contractor can be difficult. A Housing Company may know the technical details of a maintenance visit handled by a Contractor, but often has no way of tracking the quality aspects related to the maintenance visit.


How soon do you know, if something goes wrong?

When things go wrong in maintenance, it influences the whole tenancy experience and increases avoidable tenant turnover. Your tenants expect you to solve problem situations immediately but being responsive – and taking action – is only possible if you know what is going on.

Customer Success

”WheelQ makes it extremely easy to measure the tenant experience. We no longer need to guess, we know that tenants value our efforts to digitalize and that we are on the right track.”


Risto Mustaniemi, Head of Residential Business


Moving In

Why do tenants choose your apartments? How efficient are your marketing channels?

When a new tenant moves into an apartment, it’s an opportunity to understand what your competitive advantages or improvement areas are. Collecting data on tenants’ decision criteria, where they found information, and whether your contractor does a good work of preparing your apartments for new tenants, will help you focus on the right process improvements.


Are you utilizing your tenant surveys to the full?

During tenancy, tenants make many conscious or unconscious decisions to continue or end the contract. A yearly survey gives a static picture of that moment but does not track the changes in tenant experience that happen during the year. Continuous surveys catch issues faster and give better insight into which direction things are moving.

Moving Out

Why are your tenants moving out? What are they telling others about your company?

Tenancy can be a long customer relationship, lasting for years, or in some cases even decades. Once a tenant decides to leave, it is important to understand why they do so. Making sure moving out is a smooth and positive experience is also an investment into the property owner’s brand.


Is sorting and structuring open response a nuisance?

Open feedback provides valuable information but sorting large amounts of customer response manually is tedious and time-consuming work, which is prone to errors that make the results unreliable. WheelQ sorts open feedback by topic and sentiment, delivering it to the right people without delay.