Sales Excellence

WheelQ continuously collects valuable customer information at each step of the sales process, delivering it to the right people at the right time. It focuses your organization on customer value, improving sales performance and customer retention.

Contact and Meeting

Is your sales process proactive? Do you know what really happens in the field?

Meetings are a critical part of driving an opportunity. Measuring them helps you consistently improve your sales approach and productivity, focus on the most urgent opportunities and achieve more with the same resources.

Offer and Deal

Are you able to communicate value? What are the needs and decision criteria of your prospects and customers?

All purchase decisions are influenced by needs, motives, risks and uncertainties. Knowing what your customers base their decisions on, will help you better understand your target group and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Customer Success

With WheelQ’s continuous, smart data acquisition, you can track your customer success, react faster to issues and come prepared to customer meetings. Smoother, better relationships with customers lead to more business and less churn.

A changing market

Do you understand what’s behind your numbers? How do your actions influence your results?

In today’s market, Sales Managers need to be on top of much more than just their opportunities and customer meetings. Social media, web site content and offer templates are examples of things that influence sales and have to reflect the requirements of a changing market.

Products and Services

What do your customers need from you right now? What do they really value?

As suppliers, we make assumptions about what makes our products and services valuable. In reality, customers rarely see things exactly the same way. Knowing what customers really value – and what they don’t – helps match your offering with their needs.

Deviation Handling

When something goes wrong, how soon do you know?

Not all problems can be avoided, but with quick action most disappointments can be turned into opportunities to learn and strengthen the customer relationship. Therefore, the right people need to know immediately when something goes wrong.

Churn prevention

Do you know which customers are about to churn? How can it be prevented?

Churn can make a big dent into your profit margin and avoidable churn is especially regrettable. Systematically exploring the reasons behind churn will identify the customers with the highest churn risk and help you find the right actions for preventing it.